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Medical Science Research Building 2

As of April 1, 2016

Floor Medical Science Research Building 2
7F Public Health and Health Systems /
Occupational and Environmental Health /
Young Leaders' Program(YLP) /
Thoracic Surgery
6F Preventive Medicine /
Cell Physiology・Cell Pharmacology /
Integrative Physiology・Imaging Physiology
5F Immunology・Cellular Immunology /
Cancer Biology /
Molecular Carcinogenesis /
4F Neuroscience・Molecular Pharmacology /
Molecular Bacteriology・Drug Resistance and Pathogenesis /
3F Molecular Biology・Biomacromolecules /
Molecular and Cellular Biology・Molecular Biochemistry /
Molecular Virology
2F Biological Response・Molecular Diagnosis /
Tumor Pathology/Neuropathology /
Molecular Cell Biology
1F Functional Anatary and Necroscience /
Cell Biology・Ultrastructural Morphology /
Legal Medicine and Bioethics